Johari Window: Single Slide

Johari Window: Single Slide

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Use this single PPT slide of Johari window to create an impressive PowerPoint presentation for personal development, interpersonal communication and self-awareness training programs. Download now to save time.

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This editable Johari Window PPT slide illustrates four perspectives of self - public, private, blind and unknown, based on the two parameters of feedback and disclosure. This editable business diagram consists of high resolution image that gives it immense clarity as compared to any clip art. You can easily resize and recolor this ready to use graphic. HR professionals, self-help trainers and consultants will find it helpful for PPT presentations on group development and understanding relationship.*

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Fully editable customizable PowerPoint slides
  • Range of layout options that are easy to edit
  • Easy to change colors, shadows, fonts, text and backgrounds
  • Design elements can be added, modified or deleted
  • Better than Clip Art: Using elements created in PowerPoint gives flexibility to design.
  • When you download a PowerPoint Slide product from 24point0 - You have a professional team behind the product. Our team can also help you customize your slides and make your presentation look polished. Contact us to find out more about our PowerPoint customization services.

Johari Ventana de PowerPoint Slide
De Johari fenĂȘtre PowerPoint Slide
Johari Window PowerPoint Slide

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